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Thank You Note to Yoga: Naomi Clark

Thank You, Naomi Clark

Continuing my gratitude post series, giving special mention to yoga teachers past and present, I’ve come to the next part of my yoga journey, the London chapter.

Leaving Brisbane at the age of 22, I found myself in London. Unlimited and totally anonymous London. There are almost too many options to practice yoga in London that it can be hard to pin down a regular practice. But once I found Hot Bikram Yoga (now known as Hot Yoga Society), I found my community.

Bikram Yoga was my escape from the cold weather and a complement to my intense running training. Later I would realise that both running and Bikram Yoga were my escape from a much greater mental and emotional issue, but for the time in my life, it was exactly what it needed to be.

The Teacher that Shook It All Up

I tried out classes with all of the teachers as they each had their own unique personalities. Finding the ‘right fit’ with a teacher was important to me. The one teacher whose class I would go to at least a few times a week was Naomi Clark. Sometimes running 5kms to the studio in Balham just to join her class.

There was a strong sense of community at the studio and among the students whenever Naomi was teaching. Her energy before, during and after the class was special and it filled my heart. Refreshingly authentic.

Naomi was one of the first teachers that really instilled in me that we each come to the class for ourselves, not to compete. Removing competitiveness in a Bikram Yoga class wasn’t something easily done. I really appreciated the reminder to focus on our own intention on the mat and to give ourselves space, gratitude and compassion.

Thank you, Naomi

In hindsight, I understand exactly why I chose and why I needed Bikram Yoga at that time in my life and I’m grateful for the energy you brought to the room. Your encouragement helped me rock a full locust pose on the mat and my wellbeing beyond the mat.


Join me again next weekend when I share another story from my London yoga journey.


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