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Thank you, Yoga.

a thank you note

For a while now, I have wanted to give a special mention on this blog to my yoga teachers past and present. My gratitude towards them, their healing, their teachings and their guidance knows no bounds. So, I have put together just a few stories about some of my experiences with great teachers and studios.

Where better to start than the beginning?

My journey with yoga began at a young age and my first teacher was my mother. I watched her journey with yoga and exercise from my earliest years and found it hilarious to watch. In all honesty, I didn’t get it. But her aspirations to be a contortionist weren’t hidden from me on the days we spent together at home. It wasn’t long before I would start to see my mum for the inspiring, creative, resilient and empowering woman that she is.

Through my mum’s mail order book club, I picked up literature about meditation and yoga for the chakras. It’s because of these readings that I started a regular asana practice at the age of 11. I can vividly recall the practice of headstands against my bedroom wall, the fear of falling and the embarrassment I felt before I had even failed. My¬†determination was rewarded when I could hold the headstand for several minutes.

For many possible reasons, I didn’t keep up the practice throughout my teens, but yoga was still a part of me in some way. I would return to a regular asana practice years later when I lived on my own in Brisbane and discovered Zen Hot Yoga. Hot Yoga was just about unheard of back then and I was in love with the far infrared heating panels that offered new health benefits. Nothing could compare to the blissful feeling I experienced walking out of each class. Complete euphoria.

So, Thank You.

Thank you, mum, for teaching me that it’s perfectly acceptable to stand in vrksasana while cooking dinner and for feeding my curiosity with books.

Thank you to my younger inner yogini for teaching me a lesson in perseverance; you don’t fail unless you fail to try.

Thank you to Zen Hot Yoga in Brisbane for creating a space for my regular practice a decade ago.

And thank you, dear reader, for letting me share these stories with you.


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