Yoga Teacher Training Intensive: Reflecting on Week One

After taking the first steps and starting my yoga teacher training journey, everything felt like it was coming together. I spent the following week doing my usual practice and ordering props and texts. But the first week came around very quickly. I found myself asking “Am I sure I’m ready for this?”.

Arriving at Zama early Monday morning, one by one I met the other women who were starting the journey. It was interesting to hear their stories and how they found themselves on this yoga path. So many diverse backgrounds, so many different paths, so many smiling faces. I felt joy making these new connections.

We shook things up with Sam first thing before we were asked to write down our intentions, a challenge we would like to overcome and how we felt… and then share this with a partner. I loved getting out of my comfort zone in this way, and not just because of the energy shifting movement we were doing. It was a kind of vulnerability that I knew I could grow from.

My intention…

…is to find the connection of yoga within me so that I can share this with those around me.

In hindsight, this yoga teacher training was going to do so much more for me than finding that connection. But I still feel that I carry this intention with me daily and I love that.

Learning with the YIMI Teachers

From the very first day with YIMI, I felt accepted wholely as I am by the community around me. I was excited for where this week would take me, especially with the different teachers we would learn from. Iyengar practice with Jamie, philosophy with Swami Mukti, meditation and pranayama with Craig plus time with mentors Sam and Celia. Throw in an intensive anatomy & physiology session and you’d think there couldn’t be any more squeezed into my brain that week.

Every session was different and I enjoyed them for what they were, even when I felt I was struggling. Sometimes my body would physically shake. Other times I craved the asana practice. There were moments when the learning wouldn’t resonate, and others when I felt so in tune and deeply connected with what was being taught.

Our teachers were so knowledgeable, inspiring and completely down to earth. On Friday of the intensive yoga teacher training week, I journaled how amazing and heart filled I felt. I noted how the knowledge pours from Celia so fluidly that I felt like a sponge that soaked everything up. I couldn’t speak more highly of the teachers and mentors from YIMI. The knowledge they impart is just one aspect of this training. The change I noticed in myself was an unexpected gift.

More than Yoga Teacher Training

The personal journey is every bit essential to the knowledge and practice of yoga throughout the training. I didn’t realise this until much later on, but I had started to feel the changes within me in the first week.

By Thursday I was feeling the intensity of the training physically, mentally and emotionally. I wasn’t alone. When we checked in with Sam to see how we were going, we were all feeling little cracks in our ‘self’. I was one of the last in the group to share my experience so far and it came with a lump in my throat.

I tried to say that I felt like the “switched-on”¬†person from Monday had been reduced to a physical, mental and emotional mess. Consumed with self-doubt, I was struggling with ‘me’ in all of this and felt like my journey had changed. My ideas coming into this training were thrown out the door. I didn’t look like a yoga teacher. What was I even doing here?

Writing about my experience each day helped. It allowed me to recognise the emotions coming up and where they were coming from. After a session with Celia, I really learned a lot about myself and opened up to a whole world of Yoga Therapy that I found so interesting.

Ending the week with SO MUCH personal insight was beyond my expectations. It was a gift to experience even the most subtle changes that week. A gift that would shape the path ahead of me.





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