Did you know?

I offer one-to-one yoga practice appointments, including guided practice for small groups.
We can also arrange a time to discuss your goals and lifestyle, tailoring a practice to your needs.

If this is something that calls to you, get in touch for an informal chat… Contact me by email

One-To-One Appointments

Experience a personalised and supported practice that fits your lifestyle. Customise your practice to get the most benefit for body, mind and energy. Tailored to your wellbeing needs and goals, we will create a practice with as much or as little movement or meditation as desired. Focusing on developing your practice over time and giving you tools that you can access at any time. Available to all levels.

Group Appointments

Share wellness with your friends or family and benefit from individual attention as well as saving a few bucks compared to one-on-one practice.

Community Yoga

Check out the details of our Community Yoga Project here.

Student Release Form

Prior to your first appointment, you will need to fill in a student release form that you can submit here, or complete at the time of your appointment.

Yoga Practice Meditation Sadhana

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