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Connecting in Brisbane’s Yoga Community

Yoga Studio Community Brisbane

Since relocating to the northern suburbs, I have been easing myself into Brisbane’s yoga community. With a few studios on my radar, I have to say my expectations have been exceeded! Brisbane’s yoga community is thriving and the studios on par with some of the best I’ve practised in. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing my yoga studio visits in a mini blog post series.

A Few Words About Community

You may have read this already, but one of my key focuses this year is Community. It inspires within me a greater sense of purpose and a desire to make connections. I’ve left the comfort of my London yoga community and feel excited to reconnect with my fellow Brisbane yogis.

Community, to me, is connecting, growing and rising up together. While we may be better connected than ever before in a technological sense, I feel we are more disconnected from each other in the real, physical sense. One of my aspirations for 2017 is to develop connections in the community and nurture a sense of well-being for all of us. The yoga community has always provided this kind of support for me.

Yoga is Always There

Returning to Brisbane after 10 years sure has its moments and its struggles. It takes some hard work and perseverance. But no matter what kind of day I’m having, I know that yoga is there. Even when the community is not, I am able to connect in my own practice. But what feels most fulfilling is knowing there are other people, like you, who show up to the mat no matter what. They get it and they know your struggles because they have the same struggles. Everyone is equal on the yoga mat and in the community.

A few yoga studios on my radar include;

Join Me, Let’s Connect

Join me as I begin a short blog post series to share my yoga studio experiences across Brisbane. If you have any recommendations within the Brisbane yoga community, or if you would like me to visit your studio, then please let me know, I’d love to connect!


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