Weekend Journaling: And so the adventure begins


Each weekend I take time out for journaling. It’s that ‘me time’ I value the most as it is an opportunity to get inside my mind and work things out. This week has particularly provided much to think through as I realise my life in London really is coming full circle as I make preparations for returning to Australia.

So much of my life is identified with London, having lived here since I was 23, that it feels like a completely new and different self returning to my home country.

Another reason why it feels London life is coming full circle is to do with my mental wellbeing. I am very honest with the fact that I was not in a very mentally fit state when I decided to leave Australia and I know that I have experienced many yo-yo moments even since my arrival in London. What I can confirm though is that I have worked through so much during this time and will be returning to Australia without the need for prescriptions, I’ll be returning as the most mentally healthy person I have been in my whole life.

There is so much I am grateful for. I accept everything has happened exactly as it had to in order for me to realise this mentally healthy state. I value life so much more than I ever did.

I made a journal entry last weekend and reflected on this with my Instagram post;

Early Saturday Morning Journaling

The fresh air this morning is so inspiring, the sky looks big as the sun decorates the beginnings of altocumulus clouds with fluorescent and pastel hues. Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of October or because there is a definite autumnal feeling, crisp and fresh, in the morning air – but this feels like a new beginning, another layer peeled back, letting go of the past layers that no longer serve purpose. There are new beginnings taking place all around us. Find yours and reveal the clear path towards your dreams and aspirations.

Yes, this really does feel like a fresh start and the opportunities that are open to me are again as exciting as when I first landed in London in July 2008 with my two suitcases and £500.



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