Trust, Creation, Connection

personal mantras for guidance in 2019

I’m not one for resolutions in the new year. Time, to me, is more of a man-made illusion and a tool for measuring our human experience. There shouldn’t be any differentiation between one day and another being better to create a fresh start. That said, I am not without my seasonal rituals.

As per my annual ritual of meditating and journaling to intuitively seek new guidance, these three words have come up for me.

Trust. Creation. Connection.

Meditation on Trust

We have been transitioning through our journey into parenthood over the past 37 weeks. While my pregnancy has been ‘easy’ according to some, it hasn’t been without its challenges. And I think that could be an entire blog post on its own. But coming to the end of pregnancy, I have had to surrender to things greater than myself. And this is where TRUST came up for me the first time.

Trust; in myself. Trust; in the medical profession. Trust; in the things bigger than me over which I have no control.

Meditating on TRUST, I felt my expectations of pregnancy and labour lifting away. Letting go made room for acceptance. And acceptance liberated me. By embracing and being guided by trust, I feel more readiness for the challenges ahead.

Meditation on Creation

I find it fascinating how pregnancy can influence you in other areas of life. As the childbearing mother, I have felt deep into the grounding and earthiness of pregnancy. I’ve felt it calling me into the nest, into lover, carer and protector mode. But I have also felt a deep desire to create.

When CREATION came up for me in my meditation, I was birthing new ideas. From home DIY to Blog Series. It has been a long time since I fully let my creativity flow. And the way it made my heart sing in meditation, I knew it had to be a focus for me over the coming months.

CREATION also serves as my guidance to continue embracing our other mother; mother earth. Taking time to pause and bask in the gifts of nature, to marvel at sunsets and pay attention to tiny universes that live among us.

Meditation on Connection

Now, I hate to keep relating things back to my pregnancy. But as you might imagine, it kind of takes up your whole life. And something I learned from the past 37 weeks is that community is exceptionally important in our sense of wellbeing.

Pregnancy can feel isolating. From all the things you are told you cannot eat to the things you cannot do. Plus the emotional rollercoaster that some women experience. Overall, there can be a disconnection with life as you know it and a tendency to retreat (sadly, not in an oceanside spa villa kind of way).

While meditating with CONNECTION, I could see where I missed having a sense of community in my life. So, I sat with this and I felt a strong urge to reconnect. I also felt a great desire to create new CONNECTIONs. Meditating with all of this, I could see the opportunities that await. I could feel the enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Moving through the year ahead, although I have many challenges and life-defining experiences, I aspire to grow my community reach. To feel part of something bigger. And to spend more time nurturing the connections I already have.

Final Thoughts

Trust. Create. Connect. This feels like a solid foundation for what is the start of a whole new life for us. With only days to go until our lives are forever transformed, these intuitive insights couldn’t come at a better time.

I hope you’ll join me on the many adventures ahead. I’m eager and excited to write and share more with you.


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