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Throwback: 22.FEB.2014

Saturday. What an amazing day. To wake up, feeling emotionally fragile but know that there is opportunity ahead. To feel human but know you can learn from your mistakes.. And the epiphany when that lesson falls into place.

What a day to wake up wanting that fresh start, and a little detox starting with an aniseed and cardamom tea.

What an amazing day to wake, feel the desire to be creative, to want to cook and prepare many things, starting with the mint, lemon, orange and cucumber infused ice water… Then it was banana bread, and banana oat flapjacks, and then flatbread drizzled in olive oil, paprika and chilli salt, grilled and dipped into hummus. A rocket and Parmesan salad. Then finished off with a strong Italian (coffee that is).

What an amazing day to feel love and feel loved. Loved by the sunshine as it kisses the skin that barely sees daylight.

What an amazing day to work on some yoga postures, deepening into each pose that bit more than before. Feeling stronger, more courageous and more open than ever.

What a beautiful, awe inspiring day. What a day to be alive.


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