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Three Apps I’m Using Right Now…


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BreatheSync: Part of managing my anxiety is constant breath work. Although sometimes it seems I continuously focus on my breath I admit there are often times I’m distracted or get so bogged own into an idea or activity that I need something to keep my in check.

The BreatheSync app helps me take just one or two minutes of time out to focus and remind myself of where I need to be; in my breath.

In collaboration with Lululemon, the app personalises a breathing rhythm in sync with your heart rate and gives you a WQ (Wellness Quotient) after each session to guide you.

Download for Apple.



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Asana Rebel: I’ve just started using this app only recently to inspire new sequences and keep to a goal of practicing yoga every day. #yogaeverydamnday right? I really enjoy the clean layout of the app and easy to follow video tutorials for each asana. Although I admit, I find it impossible to watch a video and practice any exercise simultaneously, so I watch the video, memorise the sequence and dive onto the mat.

Download for Apple.

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Ok, I admit I came across this app and downloaded it for my boyfriend who is massively into calisthenics but seeing his results motivated me to start using it too. I’m a long way off the amazing results of people who hashtag themselves into the #Madbarz family but these bodyweight workouts are exactly that extra intense push to get you to your goals quicker, no doubt! An awesome app that is  available on Android AND Apple.

Madbarz App



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