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Lessons in Unconditional Self Love with Morning Gloryville, East London

I Love U, U I Love

Something I miss very much from London are the monthly sober Morning Gloryville raves at Oval Space in East London. Never have I ever felt so free to be me and so completely accepted while exploring the edges of my comfort zone and expressing myself through movement. Never have I ever experienced a community so supportive and encouraging of self love and kindness to one another. I miss those mornings so much.

I learned so much from those 6:30am starts, dancing my heart out all before heading off to work. I opened my mind and my heart to a whole world where people are so kind and FULL of LOVE. I learned how much a positive movement can bring change and observed first hand the ripple effect that positively impacts every energy being around you. I learned that I’m not alone in my thoughts about the sadness in the world. I learned that change starts at home, with me. Most importantly I learned that LOVE starts at home, LOVE starts within me.

I’ve had a turbulent history when it comes to self love. Only recently have I become aware of how fragile and low my self esteem has been throughout my life for as long as I can remember. There have been external influences at times which have boosted my confidence but as I have learned, these external influences are short lived and cannot be relied upon when it comes to nurturing a healthy self esteem.

The reality is; without self love there can not be any other kind of love. 

Maybe it’s something I have always known in the back of my mind, or perhaps I’ve read it or heard it around the place but it never truly sunk in. I’ve had the knowledge and almost feared putting it into practice. I would find myself in situations where everyone is free to be who they are and yet find myself so limited, scared, afraid of embarrassing myself, worried about what other people would think. The result of this thinking crippled me with extreme social anxiety, something that I’m still working on and managing today.

It almost sounds crazy to me now to admit how finally at the age of 29 I found the Morning Gloryville community and found this perfect balance of my inner and outer self. It set in motion something within me that wanted to nurture that balanced state. I realised that I needed to develop my self love to raise my vibration and surround myself with others on that same frequency. The sign of achieving this comes from the feeling of connectedness within a community.

I realised I had actually been working towards having this kind of community around me for the last three years and it had finally become a reality in those moments of sweaty, heart filled, smiley dancing at 7am on a Wednesday in a big open space filled with coffee, green smoothies, glitter, unicorns, face painting and the most loving and kind people I had met outside of my friends.

A place in my heart opened up, reached out and grabbed my hand and said “You are love”. 

I wanted to share the details here of The Gloryville Effect;

‘The Gloryville Effect’ is our way of taking positive action when the world needs it the most. It’s about taking matters that deeply hurt us into our own hands. It’s about inspiring grassroots movements and every-day people to lead the way. We are raising funds to help us visit refugee camps, divided communities and poverty-stricken areas FOR FREE. We will spread smiles, cuddles, play, moments of joy, transformation and hope. #thegloryvilleeffect

This exciting and challenging new mission will take Morning Gloryville and our healing experiences to orphanages, refugee camps and poverty stricken communities around the world.

In association with reputable and experienced charities like Peace Direct and Love Support Unite who already have a lot of experience on the ground, so we approach the charitable element of our work in a sensitive and helpful ways.

Join me in pledging support by visiting the IndieGoGo site here. 



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