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Transformative Healing: Grace Hazel Yoga

Thank You Grace HazelSometimes it’s not so much about the hours you spend at a studio or with a teacher, but more about the direct impact they have in your life. Like a deeply touching, soul penetrating moment that lights you up inside. Some people have this remarkable ability even with limited contact, through their online presence alone or in a single encounter. That said, I have a heart full of gratitude for one particular London yoga teacher who offered her healing to me at a time when I needed it most.

I was deep in an unshakeable funk for quite some time. Despite the amazing warehouse and community we lived in, despite being in the most financially secure time of my life, despite a loving and supportive relationship, I was slipping back into the arms of depression. It was a dark little corner of my own mind that felt comfortable while the rest of me struggled to hold it together.

Looking for an excuse to get out of my comfort zone, I booked a yoga workshop at my local yoga studio. It was a fairly new studio that I wanted to check out for some time. On the verge of tears, I walked along Stoke Newington Church Street and down to Mudra Yoga to join a Yoga & Reiki workshop (adorably named tYo-Ki).

Grace Hazel & The Life Changing Yo-Ki Workshop

Enter the beautiful space and find your retreat. The studio felt like coming home. I was still not quite in a good place, within myself, so making eye contact with anyone felt difficult and was reminiscent of some of my worst social anxiety panic attacks. But I felt calm, safe and held in this space.

After some deep, restorative yoga asana, there was an opportunity for each of us to receive some healing. And having not really been exposed to the idea of Reiki before, I was open minded without expectation. And I didn’t expect what happened next. It might sound like an oversell, but I genuinely felt I was transformed in¬†between the moments of walking into the studio and leaving the workshop.

The healing I experienced felt highly personal, intimate. But feeling exposed and raw was entirely comfortable and pleasant with the energy of both Grace and Eddy in the room. Such intense emotions came up towards the end that I didn’t stay around for a cup of tea – but Grace knew and understood. As I was leaving, Grace came to me and gave me a hug. It sealed a new found peace within myself and my never ceasing gratitude for the gift Grace had given me that day. A gift of healing.

Although I have since left London, I hope I get to cross paths with Grace again. In the meanwhile, I enjoy catching up with Grace through Instagram and just as I write this post I found that Grace has a shiny new website.

Thank You, Grace

Thank you, Grace, for being a true healer. You have inspired me deeply. Thank you for guiding me to a practice of restorative asana for self-care and for introducing me to healing rituals. You’re unapologetically authentic and it’s magical.


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