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  • Journal Meditation Practice

    Align. Flow. Grace; Revisited.

    At the beginning of each new year, I have a practice of meditation with my heart and writing down everything that pours from this space. In 2018, I sat down with…

  • reconnect with the world
    Good Vibes

    Reconnecting with the world

    Something important happened over the weekend. On Friday I decided to take a bit of a ‘digital detox’ and steered clear of social media, emails and texts… not a single ‘notification’…

  • Gratitude is Everything
    Good Vibes

    Gratitude is everything…

    Waking up with a grateful heart makes for a happy life. The importance of being grateful has become so much more apparent to me lately than ever and I think that…

  • Bliss in the Sun
    Good Vibes, Yoga

    Throwback: 22.FEB.2014

    Saturday. What an amazing day. To wake up, feeling emotionally fragile but know that there is opportunity ahead. To feel human but know you can learn from your mistakes.. And the…