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  • Journal Meditation Practice

    Align. Flow. Grace; Revisited.

    At the beginning of each new year, I have a practice of meditation with my heart and writing down everything that pours from this space. In 2018, I sat down with…

  • Adventure Travel New Zealand
    Adventure, Travel

    Wanderlust: Why Should You Travel?

    By the time this post is published, I’ll be 30,000ft in the sky over the Pacific Ocean on my way to Wellington, New Zealand. Yes, it’s time for another adventure, to explore,…

  • What is your relationship with alcohol?

    What is your relationship with alcohol?

    That question, “What is your relationship with alcohol?”. Confronting, isn’t it? I personally had to experience a very tough lesson when it came to my own awakening of my relationship with…

  • Gratitude is Everything
    Good Vibes

    Gratitude is everything…

    Waking up with a grateful heart makes for a happy life. The importance of being grateful has become so much more apparent to me lately than ever and I think that…