The Start of a Yoga Teacher Training Journey

When I came home to Australia, I found myself in a very fortunate position. I felt so grateful for the opportunity to explore this next chapter of my life at my own pace. It was a blessing to be able to rediscover myself and reconnect with the things that bring me to life. That’s not to say it was easy.

After soaking up the Australian summer the best way I knew how (…in the outdoors and at the beach), I had started to deepen my yoga practice and become more consistent with it. I needed the physical practice for my body, and I needed the time out to quieten my mind.

“If you’re still thinking about it, you should do it”

When I lived in London, I looked into yoga teacher training as an option to get me out of the corporate world and into a more autonomous, self-employed position. I was disillusioned with this idea that I had to live my “passion”. Quite simply, I didn’t quit my day job and do the yoga teacher training because I liked my job. I also didn’t believe I had the time or lifestyle that could accommodate the training.

Coming to Australia, the idea was still on my mind. Not being employed was what made it an option to undertake the full-time intensive training. I started to research my options here. What would work with the vision my partner and I had for our life in Brisbane? It seemed that I had missed out on the start of so many training options. Or the dates just didn’t seem to work. It was also difficult to find out all the information I needed to make the decision. Until I came across a free taster day offered by YIMI at Zama Yoga in Toowong.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

So there I was at Zama, doing an hour-long practice with a whole room full of curious potential yoga teachers. I was eager to ask questions about the offerings and options from YIMI. But first, we practice.

Samantha took us through a beautiful practice that left me feeling “this is my kind of yoga”. It was a little bit of flow, a little bit of restorative. But it was completely up to my body and what it was capable of. I remember connecting with the reason I was there and having mental clarity after the practice.

Coming to question time, I felt really out of place amongst other students there from scientific backgrounds working in neuroscience and psychology. But also, I felt reassured that people from that background were interested in this training provider as a balanced approach to yoga as medicine and therapy.

With all the questions answered, it wasn’t until I was leaving that Samantha said something to me that really nailed the reason I was looking at yoga teacher training. I approached her undecided about part-time or full-time and then said something about “Unlearning everything I thought I knew about Yoga”. Sam quickly replied, “It’s not unlearning anything at all. It is bringing everything you know from your experience that is your gift”.

Part Time or Full Time?

I went home and did some thinking. I looked again and there really wasn’t ANYTHING else being offered. It was an indication to me that this would be the training I would choose if I still felt this strongly about it after the post-yoga glow had worn off.

The part-time option would be run by Celia Roberts at Upper Brookfield and offered more financial freedom and time to settle into a lifestyle. I wasn’t sure at the time what it would be like to train with Celia. I also didn’t know what it would be like to get to Upper Brookfield each time.

Knowing that the full-time option was run at Zama in Toowong, I felt that this would be more accessible to me using public transport. Also, the full-time option was going to be led by Samantha, the woman that I felt connected to at the open day.

I looked at my savings and said to myself “this is exactly what I had put my savings aside for… you’re ready for this”.  But on what basis? Well, for those that don’t know me, I’m much more inclined to make decisions based on how I feel. I’m not really one for writing out pros and cons.

So, after a few emails to YIMI, I was enrolled in the full-time intensive training with Sam at Zama Toowong. And soon I would find out that I could split my training hours between Zama and Celia’s – giving me access to Celia’s yoga and meditation retreats in beautiful Upper Brookfield. (More on that coming soon!)

UP NEXT: The First Week of Intensive Yoga Teacher Training


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