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Brisbane Yoga Studio Tour Part 1: Shri Yoga Brisbane

Yoga Studio Tour Shri Yoga Brisbane

As you might recall from previous posts, I have a heart driven desire to connect with my community in 2017. In particular, I am visiting some of Brisbane’s best yoga and pilates studios to grow and nurture this sense of community around me.

Shri Yoga, Burnett Lane

The first stop on my ‘Yoga Studio Tour’ of Brisbane is Shri Yoga. Tucked up and away from the hustle of Queen Street Mall, just on Burnett Lane, you will find this oasis. Climbing the stairs to find this beautiful space, complete with shiny disco ball, I was completely won over. Adding to this the warm and friendly welcoming atmosphere, I felt comfortable and open.

This was the exact feeling I hoped for when entering a new yoga space. Upon arrival of my first visit, I was greeted so kindly by yoga teacher Emma B who would later lead a candlelit yoga practice. Emma made the experience of my first visit so enjoyable and I felt confident, knowing where everything was and settling into the studio space and my practice without any doubts or worries.

Aligned Vinyasa Express & Friday Candlelit Flow

My first class at Shri was the Aligned Vinyasa Express with Heather. A 45 minute class on a very warm Friday afternoon. I’m not sure if it was the style or the way the class was taught but I felt so deeply connected to every guiding word, every movement and every breath. Because we were about to enter a crazy heatwave, Heather took things a little easier than usual – but it was perfect.

I stayed on after Heather’s class to enjoy the Candlelit Flow guided by Emma. A last minute amendment, throwing the original class plan out the window, Emma kept things extra gentle to keep things cool. Breath and movement connected in such a way to cool the body down – a much welcome relief from the approaching heatwave.

Types of Classes at Shri

Although you can really bring the heat and energy to your practice with the Aligned Vinyasa class at Shri, I love that there are so many classes with a more gentle approach. As a lover of slow flow, mind-body connecting yoga, I was delighted to have so much opportunity to attend classes that allowed me to explore my body and asana, all the while deepening my practice.

There are some quick classes for lunch time yogis as well as longer classes in the evening. Also, if you want to support up and coming teachers, there is a by-donation community class on Thursday afternoons where all proceeds go to the RSPCA.

Things I LOVE about Shri Yoga

  • the disco ball, I can’t deny it, it was the first thing I fell in love with
  • the yoga mats for hire are the best quality for just $2
  • the quality of the teaching from knowledgeable and compassionate teachers
  • the space; beautiful wooden floors and big windows
  • all of my favourite yoga styles under one roof; lots of restorative, yin and meditation
  • fellow yogis that actually smile, talk and come to practice without their ego
  • engaging events and workshops
  • yoga teacher training options

Excellent Value

I began my journey with Shri Yoga with the Introductory Offer; unlimited practice for 10 consecutive days for only $30 – such great value! But even better value than that is the first month of unlimited practice for only $50 (usually $199). Casual passes are available and the workshops are so reasonably priced. The quality of the teaching, friendly fellow yogis and the beautiful studio is worth every cent. I am excited to continue my yoga journey with regular visits to Shri Yoga.


Note: This is an unsponsored post reflecting my own personal experience.


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