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Rise to your purpose …

Rise to your purpose, not your alarm clock

“Rise to your purpose, not your alarm clock”
kylie jane frost

Nothing is more powerful than waking up to a purpose, YOUR purpose. Nothing is more exhilarating than waking up with energy, awareness and passion for what you’re doing. I would say that purpose is even stronger than passion.

Some people like to say “follow your passion” and “do what you love” but the reality for many is that you can’t always find purpose in your passions. You can certainly like to do things and be in certain places but the problem with passion is that it can’t always follow you everywhere you go. Unlike purpose. Your purpose is with you in your heart, in your mind, embodied into every fibre of your being and sense of self – even if you’re not yet aware of it. It’s much stronger than a passion.

None the less, you can find your purpose and discover that you become passionate about it.

Speaking of this reminds me of something that happened earlier this month. While at Morning Gloryville #39 at Oval Space in East London, Morning Gloryville founder Samantha Moyo stood on stage and introduced Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy.

Scilla spoke some very heartfelt words. She walked into the room at Oval Space and felt the room was full of love, SO much love, but what followed her heart breaking stories of a troubled world resonated with everyone in the room. Put simply, Scilla asked “What breaks YOUR heart?” and then asked “What are you good at?”. By combining these two things we can discover the difference that we can make in the world.

Scilla has penned a great publication titled ‘Peace Begins with Me’. I’m struggling to find a copy of this now but here’s a little blurb from the book;

PEACE BEGINS WITH ME – Scilla Elworthy

We as humans have a great challenge right now: we can go on as we are – and if we do, it’s clear that life as we know it will soon be untenable. Alternatively, we can change. Change begins at home, with us. Actually, with me.
So if I want peace in the world,
I need to start at home.
Perhaps that’s what I really long to do –
To find my true purpose in life.
To know what I’m here for.
To become who I really am.
If this sounds like you – or someone like you – this little book is intended to support you in that adventure, drawing on wisdom from all parts of the planet.



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