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Reflecting on a Year of Awakening

In typical blogger style, I wanted to reflect on the year that has been. A year of great change. A year of awakening. Not just for myself.

Perhaps you have picked up on this too and seen it in your own life or the lives around you. People are changing the way they see the world, they are changing the way they seem themselves. There is an opening of minds and an even bigger opening of hearts.

More people around me are taking big leaps, travelling the world and changing the entire course of their lives. I thought we were just growing up, but the more I listen the more it feels like a bigger shift is taking place. The more I realise we’re awakening to something bigger than ourselves.

You can read all the self-help books you like but none of that matters unless you take action.

I’ve been a self-development enthusiast ever since my mum first handed me Dale Carnegie at the age of 11. It was this same I started taking meditation and yoga seriously too. But with all the knowledge I have gained since then, something stalled in 2016.

Something didn’t sit right. I felt like I was absorbing all the right information but failing to implement the changes I wanted to make in my life. My full potential in full sight but I failed to take action to reach it.

I reflect on this now and I can see that these failings were not failings at all. These were simply not the right paths for me. I was guided to the most pivotal moment in 2016.

In 2016 I left London and moved back to Brisbane.

Never known to do things by halves. In April 2008 I squeezed my life into two suitcases and bought a one-way ticket to London with only £500 to my name. Fast forward 8.5 years and I was about to flip life upside down again. This time my partner was taking the leap with me.

Taking action seemed to be the scariest and hardest part but it’s essential to growth. Another lesson reinforced.

Do or do not. There is no try. – Yoda

There could be no in between with taking this action. I knew I had to commit fully not just to reach my own goals but to support my partner who had never been in this situation before. My partner hasn’t had to live on the other side of the world away from his family, friends and career before so strength would be his strength.

Starting this journey together feels so exciting. This journey offers the opportunity to awaken to our goals, passions and desires. Together we have the opportunity to create a life that truly reflects our vision. It brings me so much happiness, excitement and enthusiasm.

Now I understand the self-development lessons I learned throughout 2016 were not wasted. They are part of my growing arsenal in the journey towards reaching my full potential and achieving my greatest ambitions.

My favourite self-development resources & sources of inspiration from 2016

2016 Gratitude List

  • Investing in myself
  • Having a partner that believes in me
  • Financial freedom
  • My supportive family
  • All of our amazing friends in London

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