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Reconnecting with the world

Something important happened over the weekend. On Friday I decided to take a bit of a ‘digital detox’ and steered clear of social media, emails and texts… not a single ‘notification’ was acknowledged. Although I didn’t use my phone to take photos at all I did however make a phone call for my grandmother’s birthday and listened to music on Saturday morning… so there were still digital elements – this was a baby step towards digital freedom.

But something important happened…

With the absence of contact with the world via my handheld device I noticed a significant ‘void’… I wondered how did I fill in this time – or more worryingly – how much time was I spending connecting with the world via social media, texts and email? How much had I missed out on or overlooked, right before my own eyes?

Taking these moments to think and reflect brought up a lot of my own confronting thoughts that I had been ‘too busy’ to address before, but since I now had time on my hands I was able to work through them and find solutions to problems I had previously ignored. I gave time and effort to these areas of my life and realised how essential to our wellbeing it is to introspect.

I spent more time LIVING and noticing people around me more – so much more open to making connections with them.

The important lesson I have taken from this little trial of digital detox is that I need to maintain balance through regular introspection and make more time for connecting locally.

Love & Gratitude.




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