What is your relationship with alcohol?

What is your relationship with alcohol?

That question, “What is your relationship with alcohol?”. Confronting, isn’t it? I personally had to experience a very tough lesson when it came to my own awakening of my relationship with alcohol. Even though I’ve had this awakening I still find myself struggling at times to make the right choices.

We have been raised in and shaped by a culture where it is acceptable to over indulge in alcohol on a regular basis. It’s promoted to a potentially unhealthy level through advertising, events, sponsorships and social media. It seems you can’t paint a picture of having fun socially without having a drink in your hand.

What we need to do is paint our own reality of what it looks like to have alcohol in our lives. Education is needed on what an unhealthy relationship looks like and the risks we to our health every time we drink. Knowing our limits is vital. Most importantly we should become aware of how our own behaviour changes when we drink alcohol. We might not be able to see it so clearly ourselves and it could be hurting the people around us.

Alcohol-Free FebruaryI

While I am aware of my relationship with alcohol I am constantly learning more about it. I’m learning to ask myself the right questions and make better choices for my health and wellbeing. I believe this is an ongoing learning as long as I continue to drink alcohol.

During the month of February 2017, I will be doing my own ‘Alcohol-Free’ month. I look forward to sharing my insights from a deeper emotional and mental perspective.

Take the Quiz

Feeling worried about your relationship with alcohol? You can take a quiz from the Australian Government here. It asks you a just a few questions about what, how much and where you drink. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get personal. But I think it is an excellent place to start if you’re beginning to ask yourself this question.



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