The Yoga Journey Continues

It has been some time in between posts. Needless to say, with that time there have been many shifts in my path and my practice. Alongside all of these changes, we have had ‘life’ happening. Weddings, funerals and seventeen consecutive weeks of international visitors. But one thing that has remained deeply rooted throughout the sleepless 2018 so far is the peaceful, grounded ‘me’ within.

And although teaching yoga has taken the back seat (together with my typical physical practice), I still practise daily. It is the moments between ‘life’ where I am constantly practising. In the mind and in the breath. It seems almost autonomous – as if it were part of me – but it takes conscious effort to maintain. I know for certain, the past 10 months would not have been so calm or grounded if it was not for my yoga practice.

So with this post comes some news…

As of this post, I am 24 weeks into the journey of becoming a mother. A journey that has brought so much reflection, emotion and exhaustion. A journey that has naturally developed other areas of my life such as continuing my yoga teaching journey to support women more deeply. In my journey, I have felt a greater need for community and support for women during and after pregnancy.

I understand that pregnancy and motherhood can feel incredibly isolating for first-time mums. My experience so far has been precisely this. Although there are family and friends and communities out there, life as I knew it has fallen away completely. There is so much going on physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – I want to develop my yoga teacher journey to better understand these changes and ultimately better support other women.

So, after all of the international visitors had left, our new house purchase settled and my other courses were completed – I did it. I started my pregnancy yoga teacher training.

I’m currently doing the online training through Bliss Baby Yoga and I love the content so far. It feels like a very natural extension of my own connection with yoga. It helps that I already follow the teachers through various social media and online platforms – and I’ve heard or read about them through yoga journals or events. I’m excited!

What’s next?…

Upon completion of the pre and postnatal yoga teacher training, I will continue study in the areas perinatal nutrition and other complementary training so that I can be informed and support women in their whole experience of motherhood. I have a goal to create a community around all of this and will be offering one to one support in addition to free community classes in the Moreton Bay and Brisbane areas.

Keeping it short and sweet…

Although I would love to keep sharing all of the thoughts and words and experiences of this journey so far, I’m keeping this one short. I’m already drafting my learning from my personal experience and my ongoing teacher training is inspiring me.

Thank you to everyone that has reached out so far and supported this journey. I’m forever grateful for the people who enrich my life daily.


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