Plant-Based Beyond the Plate: Cruelty Free Hair Care from Essano

Essano Argan Oil Hair Care

Going plant-based in 2017 has been a big goal for me. In the last three months, I have successfully achieved a 99.9% vegan diet. But I feel like there is more I can do beyond the plate. Because my motivation for moving towards this lifestyle is one of empathy and compassion. What good am I doing if I don’t extend that empathy and compassion to all living beings?

So, I started looking at my beauty routine. One of the biggest conversations around animal abuse in my lifetime has surrounded the beauty industry testing on animals. Not to forget the fashion industry too. This is why I started to keep an eye out for cruelty-free products.

Then I Found Essano

While shopping at my local Woolworths, I came across New Zealand brand Essano who mainly offered rose hip oil beauty skin care products. Except for these Argan Oil hair care products. I hadn’t heard of them before and given that my hair was in need of some TLC, I decided to try it out. For around $10 each, the shampoo and conditioner were within my ‘Funemployed’ budget for personal care.

The Essano products initially grabbed my attention because they are plant-based, cruelty-free, sustainable and come in recyclable packaging. Something I didn’t expect was that they would improve the health of my hair so much.

Before Essano, I was using a fairly standard paraben/silicone free product. I soon found my scalp excessively oily and the rest of my hair limp. My hair isn’t exactly glamourous, it’s average at best, but it was beginning to make me feel depressed. I’m not exactly in a position to fork out any money on a hairdresser. What else could I do?

Initially, I didn’t really notice much difference. I have a routine of wake up, throw hair in a bun, work out or do yoga and only wash hair every other, other day (1.5 times a week). It took about two weeks (about three washes) to notice the change in the health of my hair.

I didn’t expect that after just a couple of weeks using Essano that my hair would be completely revitalised. Not only are the oils balanced out, my hair feels thicker and stronger. For someone with such fine hair, this is massive! It feels like I can actually blow dry and style it without just surrendering to the humidity.

Winning: Plant Based & On Budget

I know it’s likely that I could have achieved results with a number of products and, let’s face it, a visit to the hairdresser. But it makes me feel rewarded inside that I have supported a cruelty-free product that has naturally helped the health of my hair. An added bonus is that it only cost me $20 rather than the hundreds a visit to the hairdresser would have.


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