Good Vibes,Self Love

Offline is the New Luxury…

Leave the phone at home, ditch the laptop, get outside, go on an adventure and just BE! We get so caught up with being connected that we disconnect from all the things around us that matter. It’s time to reconnect with the world beneath our feet, not at our fingertips.


This weekend I’m taking time out for a digital detox. I’m committing to my journey within, nurturing my self love and happiness goals. Faced with so many distractions and feeling a major lack of productivity in my life I just need the time out to really be with myself. To be content means to be happy with your self and to become your own best friend. Commitment to this ‘Project Me’ requires self discipline and some intense goal setting work – I cannot let myself down on this. This is ‘next level’ self love for me.

Love and gratitude. xo


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