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No Excuses. 

Tuesday was tough in a sense that I had said I would dedicate the evening to my more creative pursuits, feeling that home and social life leaves a lot of pressure to try make room for the self. I never feel like work gets in the way because work is always productive, and although I was being told by every one of my friends that I was missing out on the most beautiful September sunshine that London has experienced since 1949, all I really wanted was that “me time” I promised myself.

Well, I could have gone home and felt self-pity for not seeing friends, staying a bit longer at work, not working towards creative pursuits or showing myself some attention – but these words are written on the wall outside of my gym and they always make me say “yes! I am part of that, I’m with that mind-set, we are achievers not people who make excuses”… And into the gym I went and spent hours with myself.

There’s never a bad time at the gym and I love it for everything it gives me; energy, inspiration, a smile on my face, a feeling of achievement and a sense of belonging. It is my favourite me time.

And my list of things to do is still there but with a renewed energy from returning to the gym after two weeks out with an ankle injury, I feel capable of anything. That to do list is going down!

I workout at GymBox in Farringdon. By far the best gym I’ve ever had a membership with, EVER.


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