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New Moon Intention Setting & Intuitive Yoga Flow

As we are now in the final lunar phase of 2017, I’m sharing my new moon intention setting ritual. As well, I’m sharing an intuitive yoga flow that helped me to connect with myself before asking myself; What are my intentions?

But first of all, why do we set intentions in the first place? What’s the value of connecting with our deep inner voice or our intuition? And why do we need a new moon to do it? Read on.

Living with Intention Begins with Setting your Intention

When we make a choice to step into authenticity, to live our best life and follow a wholesome path, we make a choice to live with intention. Living with intention means you’re no longer a passenger on this journey. It means you have taken the wheel and you’re directly influencing the path you’re on. It means you don’t accept that life happens ‘to you’, you define exactly how life happens ‘for you’. You are so aligned with your vision and your values that opportunities begin to appear.

Living with intention requires you to know exactly what you want to invite into your life. You have to know what you want to create and the direction you are going. This is why it’s an excellent practice to connect with that ‘gut feeling’, that inner guide, your intuition, your own divinity. It may sound a bit pseudo-spiritual, but the raw and undecorated version is this. If you don’t know where you’re going, how the hell do you expect to get there?

Creating space and time to listen deeply to ourselves can help us overcome the challenge of understanding what we truly desire. It allows us to filter out all the external stimulus and the ideas that are marketed to us so that our choices enrich our experience of life.

New Moon Intentions and Intuitive Yoga Flow


New Moons, Full Moons and Everything In Between

Today I’m sharing my personal New Moon Intention setting practice with you. But don’t worry – you don’t have to wait for a new moon to practise this. Plenty of blogs will be able to tell you what it means when the moon and the stars and the sun do what they naturally do, my relationship with the lunar phase is somewhat more metaphorical.

Yes, I sit down with the new moon and write down my intentions for the next lunar cycle, and I am awestruck by the beauty of the full moon. But this isn’t really any different from those who write out their goals on the first of each calendar month. And when the new moon falls on a particular constellation, it provides a point of reference or a framework with which I can focus or set my intentions.

Don’t get hung up on the details. Feel your way through the following practice and find what works for you.

Connecting With Your Inner Guide

Whether it’s new moon intention setting or everyday journaling, there is a certain significance to connecting with our intuition before we write. When we quieten the mind and bring stillness to the body, we have an opportunity to listen deeply. We bring awareness to sensations in our body, to the state of our emotions and the condition of our mind. It can be confronting, uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but after a short amount of time the resistance and delusions subside and you will find your intuition.

If we didn’t take the time to connect, quieten and listen, then we could be working from intentions created by an ego-centric self.


Quick Tips for Connecting to your Intuition

  • Create Your Space: Setting up a comfortable and quiet place to practise is important. The further you are away from distraction and interruption, the more focused you will be.
  • Get Grounded: Invite into your space the things that help you to feel grounded, such as essential oils, blanket, eye pillow or tea.


A Personal New Moon Practice & Intuitive Yoga Flow

It’s morning and I rise with the sun to the sound of birds singing. In my nightwear, I move to my personal space which could be on the balcony or in my living room, depending on whether my partner is awake.

I begin with my daily sadhana inspired by kundalini yoga. It’s how I begin my days and is my practice for connecting to my truth and keeping my personal energy in tune and in check.

After sadhana, I take my journal and write these three prompts:

My deepest desire is…
I want to manifest… 
I am grateful for…
Right now I feel...

Without overthinking or trying to curate an answer, I just write and complete the sentence. Closing my journal, I stand on my yoga mat and begin to flow gently. Intuitively I explore the mat, the movement, my own rhythm. I walk my hands around and firmly connect with the mat and the earth. I’m grounded. I move into deeper backbends and folds, I dance. And after my mini yoga mat dance party, I return to the journal. I write.

Listing 10 intentions, the things I want to bring into my life. 
Writing a statement of each intention as if it was my present reality. 
And list three action points for each intention so that I can create my reality. 

The final part of my practice is to lay on my mat and visualise my intentions, specifically the action points that will help me to bring these things into my life.

Intuitive Yoga Flow Video


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