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Moments on the Mat: Fierce Grace

Moments on the Mat

I had another amazing class with Nina at Fierce Grace on the weekend. The Deep Core class really does help with opening up my hips and gives me the opportunity to take it more slowly, focus on my breath and feel the difference throughout every muscle in my body. Truly blissful. I want to do that class with Nina every day.

Before the class started I took a moment to set my intentions for my time on the mat. I made a pact with myself to listen to my body, not push beyond its limits – no matter how much I want my ankle to be healed and push through the pain into the asana – and make every breath count. I set an intention to treat my body with respect and kindness and allowed myself to take it easy as much as I needed to.

I managed to get deeper than usual into some poses, particularly twists. I really felt like I had worked for the wonderful feeling at the end of the 75 minutes – although I also felt like I had experienced the absolute limits of my ankle injury towards the end in the floor sequence.

Throughout the years and my various yoga experiences I have found each class to be different because of the varying mindset showing up to the mat, but one thing that can bring me back to centre is setting a simple and pure intention. I would like to explore setting my intentions off the mat to be more grounded and focused in my daily life.

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