Community and Mindfulness Meetups in Brisbane

This week I revisited one of my key words for 2017; Community. My heart driven goal for this year is to connect with like-minded people, focus on what’s really important and build that community around me. So I attended a Meetup group in Brisbane’s West End.

On Tuesday nights, Jon runs the Mindfulness Circle Meetup at the West End Natural Therapies Centre. It was my first time attending a Meetup in Brisbane. I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited to attend, especially as there was a focus on nutrition.

One by one, barefooted participants joined the circle. The group opened up by introducing ourselves and talking about how we were feeling in that moment and what our intention for the evening was. My intention; to participate in the community and be open. And open I truly was. I felt so much presence in the room. Some people were feeling low and some people were peaceful. It was a perfect setting and a perfect group of people that came together. I felt welcomed, comfortable and part of something greater than myself.

There was a talk by nutritionist Raymond Setiadi too. Coming from a background as a personal trainer, Raymond proposed that maybe perfecting exercise isn’t the answer and that we need to reconsider what’s on our plate. In particular, Raymond favoured a plant based diet which improved the results of most of his personal training clients.

Also supporting my desire to connect with the community in 2017, I met my Twitter friend, Lulu Cook (@dhammadish).

I left the Meetup group feeling elated. This weekly opportunity comes without a fee, although donations are welcomed. It restored so much within me to feel so connected, to have found this beautiful community here in Brisbane.

Group facilitator, Jon, also runs retreats each month at the nearby Mount Samson. A day to connect with nature and participate in mindfulness practices such as mindful walking and eating. I look forward to joining his group again soon.


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