Make Your Own: Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray DIY

In an effort to care for my yoga mat naturally, I have made this gorgeous yoga mat cleaning spray. Natural and non-toxic, this easy to make at home spray is perfect for keeping the mat hygienic and smelling fresh.

Using essential oils from tea tree, peppermint and clove, the mat will benefit from the antibacterial properties and the fresh scent. But of course, you can also change it up a little and throw in your favourite essential oil.

What You’ll Need:

1x non-plastic spray bottle
50mL white vinegar
250mL water
tea tree oil (10 drops)
peppermint oil (5-10 drops)
clove oil (5-10 drops)

How to Make it:

Add the water and vinegar to your spray bottle, followed by the essential oils. You might find it easier to combine everything in a measuring jug first and then pour it into the bottle, or perhaps use a funnel.

If your spray bottle is larger or smaller, adjust the amounts accordingly.

How to Use:

After your yoga practice, shake up your spray bottle and spray the natural cleanser onto your mat. Use a cotton cloth to wipe the mat down and allow to dry before rolling your mat up.



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