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Live Whole Yoga: Eco Yoga Mat Update

In Love with my Live Whole Yoga Mat

I know I have been so completely off the radar lately, with good reason! Yoga teacher training intensive with YIMI started and it lived up to its name. Intensive. Absolutely amazing though. The teachers on the course, the group of women coming together, the studio, the knowledge. I’m feeling so connected, grounded and my mind is so open to all of this new information. Another blog post on that later.

Accompanying me on my yoga teacher training every day, was my Live Whole Yoga Eco Yoga Mat. And I’m absolutely in love with it. A few ladies on teacher training with me asked about it. I was so proud to say that it was sustainability that motivated me to purchase it. Although, I am in love with the natural, earthy feel and appearance too.

I just wanted to share this post to tell you about my experience with this mat so far. We’ve had quite a journey already. Arriving just before the flooding in parts of SE Queensland and Northern New South Wales, I was ecstatic and very eager to establish myself on the new mat.

THAT Natural Tree Rubber Smell….

I’ve never owned a mat made with natural tree rubber. It surprised me that the scent is so strong. However, after a couple of weeks of consistent practice, the scent is no longer noticeable. Perhaps it helped that I also made a blend of eco-friendly yoga mat cleaning spray to help look after the natural fibers.

Grip for a Strong Practice…

Rolling out the mat at home and at the studio, the mat quickly settles itself firmly for a strong practice. The grip on the surface of the mat is up there with the very best I have experienced. Even with sweaty palms, my downward dog remains where I need it to be (this was always a struggle for me on previous mats). Furthermore, the grip between the mat and the floor means the mat doesn’t move. Note, I have been practicing on firm surfaces such as wooden flooring and tiled balconies. Soft carpet indoors may be less gripping for the mat – as you would expect.

As Light as a Feather, sort of…

A 1.9kg feather, yes. I was amazed at how trouble-free it was to carry around this yoga mat. With a 4mm thickness, the mat provides grip, comfort, and support. It rolls up smaller than any other mat I’ve had. And honestly, it weighs less than my handbag.

Improvising with some natural cotton material, I made a yoga mat carry strap. It adds to the natural beauty of my Live Whole Yoga Coconut Yoga Mat. 

I’m in love with this mat. And yes, there are other natural tree rubber mats out there which use cotton or other materials and look very similar. But what is different and what I love about Live Whole Yoga is that they stand firmly behind sustainability. I’m a huge supporter of the ideas of sustainable living, working towards better solutions for our planet and the health of our environment. It is a part of my daily life.

Beyond the yoga lifestyle, over at Eco Coconut, they also offer eco-friendly, non-toxic products for the home. Check out Eco Coconut here. 


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