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Words of The Year with Thanks to Jo Klima


Words of the Year

I’m feeling beyond grateful to Jo over at The Darling Tree who created these personalised Words for the Year artworks. Through the beautiful site, Maps to Herself, I contacted Jo to create them so that they can be framed and inspire me daily.

My words for the year were chosen to inspire me to keep moving towards living my best life. They were chosen after a particularly empowering goal setting session with Sian (the Woman Rising Network). Let me share with you the meanings of these words to me.


For so many reasons the word ‘community’ feels powerful for me this year. I believe it inspires a greater sense of purpose within me to make connections. I’ve moved somewhere new I want to reach out, surround myself with like minded individuals and make a difference. Community, to me, sounds like growing roots and rising up together. A sense of community also brings me a great sense of security. This, I have learned, is something I need as it keeps my anxiety and mental health in check.


Possibly the most powerful of the three words for me. It’s the most powerful because it inspires me to take action. I feel that something bigger is happening this year, something greater and beyond myself. I’ve chosen this word to ignite my own spark, to stoke my inner fire and to burn brightly.


The most personal of the three words, courage is something I need to cultivate in order to achieve my dreams. My goals in 2017 are not my most ambitious, but they are deep, personal and potentially life changing. This scares the life out of me. I’m working towards creating space where I can feel content, grounded and supported. This space will inspire feelings of COURAGE and EXCITEMENT. Feeling empowered, I will be able to move forward confidently in the direction of my dreams.


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