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Goodbye GymBox, Hello Fierce Grace

Sadly my membership at GymBox Farringdon is coming to an end. For the last year GymBox has been that friend I’ve needed when life has been on a high and I’ve wanted to bust out awesome workouts and also when I’ve been down and needed a good pick me up. I’ll be forever thankful for GymBox getting me out of my comfort zone. I remember walking in thinking “everyone here is awesome, I can’t fit in here, I can’t do that, I can’t be that”. But from the moment I walked in the membership rep filled me with confidence, my mindset changed over that conversation and I joined.  Ever since then the gym reception always welcomed me with a smile and the atmosphere was always buzzing, supportive and never intimidating or discouraging. The VPTs would offer advice if they were in between clients and actually take an interest in your safety, wellbeing and progress – instead of fishing for business.

Never in my whole gym life have I felt more accepted, free to be myself or encouraged to progress on my own path than at GymBox Farringdon. Kudos to the staff, trainers and instructors who make the whole place so awesome. I’m going to miss you. If only I could take you to Australia with me! 

So while I have some time between the end of my GymBox membership and my departure to Oz, I’m going to visit Fierce Grace in The City.

It has always appealed to me to try Fierce Grace, especially after their amazing stand at the Om Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace, London last year, but after spending years devoted to Bikram yoga studios all over London, I’m excited by this evolution of the yoga system. In particular I’m going to be joining the Deep Core classes, with teachers who are injury specialists. Since I sprained my ankle I’ve had a hard time doing most of my usual exercises but have slowly been rehabilitating myself and am almost back to normal. I think the warming yoga exercises will be a great help – as long as I make sure to cool and compress my ankle afterwards.

The Deep Core class is described as;

“The deepest stretch out there. Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike, this is an alignment class, both motivating and relaxing. Floor-based, allowing us to drop any desire to “perform” and connect deeply with body and breath. Designed to realign postural issues and release stress, the slower pace allows time to work with injuries, learn correct alignment and work on flexibility.

Key benefits: Deep hip opening, leg stretching, learning alignment, and developing flexibility.”

Watch this space.


Fierce Grace

(image from Fierce Grace)



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