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Fierce Grace

Photo from Fierce Grace 

Last weekend I started my intro offer at Fierce Grace in the City and it was exactly what I needed in my life.

It has been so long since I’ve been able to run as I’ve been recovering from an ankle sprain for 6 weeks, so you can imagine my happiness at being able to take it slowly in the Fierce Grace Deep Core class in a hot room and an amazing teacher (Nina).

The most enjoyable aspect of returning to yoga in a warm and friendly studio though was the pure ‘me time’ I was able to enjoy. Being below street level in a quiet basement without any mobile phone reception or WiFi internet signal I welcomed the opportunity to be in the moment, look around the studio and feel completely at peace.

I admit though, I was nervous. I hadn’t been to hot yoga in about 18 months.

Having an injury I was more aware of my limitations and might have backed off some of the poses a little early, but using blocks for support was natural and I didn’t feel like ashamed – I felt so comfortable in my own yoga, on my own mat, in my own body and mind. One thing I absolutely LOVED about Fierce Grace was that there was no “lock your knees! lock your knees!” commands like I experienced with Bikram yoga (to which I devoted myself to for 2 years).

Reflecting on those years with Bikram Yoga studios in London I really did experience a journey to the self through the self – it was a really difficult time for me personally but I found so much strength through yoga. I learned a lot about myself,  my behaviour and attitudes, I had a very confronting and honest conversation with myself that changed me for the better. Finally I was able to open up to opportunities, love and friendships. I recall feeling like I had finally found where I was meant to be – that the kindness of friendships around me was unprecedented in my whole London life.

Tomorrow I will go again to the same Fierce Grace Deep Core class as last weekend with Nina guiding the class through the 75 minute class. I’m excited for the new lessons I will learn through this chapter with yoga.


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