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Don’t Believe Everything You Think…

This is something I’m constantly reminding myself of lately.

Late last week I signed up to an Inner Transformation Audio Course with Connie Chapman. It’s free to sign up and is a series of six audio classes which have helped me to implement a number of practices to begin cultivating a life of intention, purpose and to live from the heart. It has been a great starting point. It’s a credit to Connie and her work as a life coach to provide such a great resource free to those who seek it or who, like me, unknowingly find their way to it  – it has been so helpful at this pivotal time in my life.

Coming back to the words above – “Don’t believe everything you think” – I didn’t realise how powerful this was until I began practicing my inner awareness exercises learned through the Inner Transformation Audio Course. And now that I’ve put it into words here I realised something. I’ve heard this so many times before before from Eckhart Tolle throughout the Art of Presence retreat.

The lesson here is that through inner awareness, mindfulness or meditation we are able to simply be the observer of our thoughts. Without judgement, without prejudice and without reaction. Thoughts come and go, it’s the ones we hold onto that determine our inner happiness or unhappiness. It’s the ones we give power to that create our mindset which then influences our behaviour.

I’m in early days with this still but it has been an enormous weight off my shoulders to realise not every thought in my mind is true. I’m realising there are thoughts that come to mind which do not serve me well and do not cultivate self love or compassion.

You can learn more from Connie Chapman’s Awaken Radio podcast, signing up to the free Inner Transformation Audio Course or commit more deeply to your inner transformation with coaching or workshops. 




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