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Cultivating Inner Awareness for Life Transformation

Recently I finished an Inner Transformation Audio Course from Connie Chapman. The experience was wonderful. Connie speaks in a way that really calms and engages the listener. What she spoke about resonated deeply and I knew straight away that this was the right timing for such an exercise.

So rewarding was the experience that I decided to share some of the learning outcomes here. I hope that by sharing this I might inspire you to begin cultivating inner awareness for yourself. Perhaps even encourage you to take on the audio course yourself. Ultimately leading to your own inner transformation. The audio course is available for free here.

Call 1: Looking Within

The action I took from the first call in the audio course was to begin a journaling practice. This was the first step towards shifting from an external focus to an internal focus. To begin slowing down and just paying attention to my thoughts and feelings. Sitting with these observations and reflecting on where I currently was in my life.

Call 2: Connecting With Self

Realising how low feelings or lacking within myself would often lead to seeking fulfilment externally was an eye opener. In this call, we began asking questions about how we connect inwards, how do we soothe ourselves and show ourselves love and compassion. I would begin a practice of connecting with myself through to nurture self-love.

Call 3: Live Consciously

Inner awareness becomes our strength, empowering us to make a change. A shift from autopilot living to living consciously. Developing our inner awareness so that we don’t give power to negative thought processes or past behaviours. The action to take from this call was to observe the thoughts from that inner voice, write it down and understand what you’re telling yourself. Ask yourself where did these beliefs and thoughts come from – are they really what you believe?

Call 4: Empowerment

Taking our strengthening inner awareness and putting it into action is powerful! With such awareness, we acquire a new responsibility to do something about it. This is where real change happens in your life as you realise you have a choice in each moment to change or stay the same. Connie asks some great questions for self-reflection in this call. I won’t spoil it by sharing them here. At the end of the call, I wrote down my vision for myself.

Call 5: Embody Your Heart Energy

This part of the audio course has stayed with me the most. It has been such a beautiful part to connect with. Our heart energy is unlimited and makes us feel the abundance of opportunity around us. Learning to follow our heart driven feelings can be difficult at first, but soon you may find that it feels so right. Connie guides the listener through a beautiful heart meditation at the end of this call.

Call 6: Access the Wisdom of Your Intuition

After connecting with our self and cultivating awareness of our thoughts we can move on to listening to the body. Finding that inner feeling of knowing, connecting with it and asking ourselves the question before making a decision. We can practice listening to our body. Through stillness and quietness, we can make space for the inner voice to speak up.


I hope you find the course with Connie Chapman as fulfilling as I did. The podcasts from Connie’s Awaken Radio are also worth subscribing to. I’m so grateful for the wisdom Connie shares and really feel that her message reached me at the perfect time.

Love & Gratitude.


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