Brisbane Life Adventures: Cedar Creek Falls

Adventures at Cedar Creek Falls

Beauty in my Backyard

Where else but Queensland? What was once used as a tourism slogan to welcome visitors to the sunshine state became a phrase I would always come back to when thinking of my home. Since returning to Queensland in 2016 I have often run this same phrase through my mind. Where else would I want to be right now? This land is paradise to me.

Now living in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, I have some amazing locations right on my doorstep. Cedar Creek Falls is just one of them. Not to be confused with the Cedar Creek Falls of Mt Tamborine, or the Cedar Creek Falls up near the Whitsundays. This Cedar Creek is just near Mt Glorious, at Samford in Brisbane.

How to Get There

Between Samford and Dayboro, off Mount Samson Road, you will find Cedar Creek Road. Follow this all the way to the end and you will likely find a number of parked cars. They will sometimes be swimming in the creek that you can see from the road, but the real magic awaits a short walk from here.

There is a winding pathway alongside the creek, sometimes traversing rocks or climbing over boulders. It can be as adventurous as you like. Easy to navigate, keep heading towards the water source and you will find large freshwater swimming holes along the way. Keep going until you come to the stunning cascade. We found this was the best place for swimming.

A few more adventurous locals said you can keep walking and climbing beyond this spot. Leading you to more swimming holes and waterfalls eventually reaching the Cedar Creek Walk that starts from the Maiala Day Use Area at Mount Glorious. Perhaps another day.

Adventure for the Brave?

Don’t let my mother hear my say this but the cliff jumping into the fresh water looks incredibly fun for those who have a stomach for heights. I say you’d need to be brave to do it, but my mother will say you need to have a death wish. I’m not endorsing or encouraging anything here so use your own judgement on this one. Check it out for yourself. Make your own risk assessment. Just because others are doing it doesn’t make it safe.

While I personally enjoyed cooling down from the freshwater below, there were some young kids as well as grown men climbing up the rock faces and then throwing themselves off the edge and into the water below. They would all speak amongst themselves about where to aim for, where any hazards were and usually through demonstration, show exactly where the water was deep enough to jump into.

There was a part of me that enjoyed seeing other people doing something thrilling. It was as if my inner child had escaped and was cheering them on. I suppose this was part of my childhood too, growing up in Australia, it’s just something you did without thinking of the consequences. But accidents can happen and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do anything they felt was unsafe.

Being at One with Natural Beauty

I will definitely return to this place. The natural beauty of this special place is just one reason to visit. Nothing compares to swimming in fresh water, embraced by nature and feeling carefree. Letting time slip away while you laze on rocks and sunlight dances off the water’s surface onto the lush canvas surrounding you.


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