Road Trip: Next Stop, Agnes Water

Let the Road Trip Begin

Sunday morning we left my hometown and started our 525km road trip, stopping just a couple of times in Caboolture and Tiaro on our way to Agnes Waters. There were some severe storms heading towards Gympie and Miriam Vale on route and we did catch a little of it but mostly we were able to enjoy the view of amazing cloud formations and frequent flashes of fork lightning from a comfortable distance. There were even rainbows.

The time here in Agnes is going to serve a number of purposes while we base here temporarily before moving on to somewhere more permanent and suitable for the lifestyle we are seeking. Putting in place a healthy routine is a major priority to me. This routine will also make way for personal development and and allow me to build my fitness around this. I’m feeling so lucky to have this opportunity to focus so closely on these areas that mean so much to me.

Mondays are for early morning yoga and runs along the beach…

So every morning we wake up, go through our yoga pose sequences, we drink our lemon & mint water and we begin our day where time is carved for creative pursuits, personal growth and fitness goals.

Eating for health and vitality is another important part of this journey and I finally feel like I’m in the right place to really focus on this. Perhaps it’s because I feel so remote here in Agnes Waters and there is no temptation around me. Incorporating this into the routine is vital to achieving my goals.

Establishing the routine is the most important goal at this stage and as this progresses I will be journalling and blogging about the journey here.



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