Align. Flow. Grace; Revisited.

At the beginning of each new year, I have a practice of meditation with my heart and writing down everything that pours from this space. In 2018, I sat down with my hand on my heart and my notebook. I asked “What does my heart truly desire?”. My intuition guided me to these words; align, flow and grace.

I would align with my truth. I would flow into my yoga practice. And I would soften into love and kindness for self and others. Intuitively, I knew that serving others was the direction I would move towards. It would also be a year of taking time away from ‘out there’ to nourish what is ‘in here’.

So, sitting here at the end of 2018, I’m revisiting that meditation and those words I used as mantra throughout the year and I’d like to share this reflection with you.

When we align with our truth, we align with all truth.

At the time of creating this mantra to align with my truth, I was moving in a very certain direction, and my yoga practice had a lot to do with it. I had started to build a deeper relationship and understanding of myself that gave form to the truth I would aspire to align with.

And along the way in 2018, a very different truth emerged and changed the direction of everything. Learning in late May that we were expecting our first child was an emergent truth that I immediately knew I was ready for.

The rest of 2018 was spent intuitively feeling into this new truth and allowing life to flow naturally. Without attaching to stories or ideas of how it should be, I embraced it fully for what it was and what it would be.

Like the tide, she ebbs where she flows.

My intention with the word flow focused on my yoga practice and teaching, and it was a wonderful start with regular community yoga practices and teachings. With the news of my pregnancy though, I felt pulled away from serving others through community yoga teaching and redirected towards learning how to safely practice yoga during pregnancy.

And with every flow, there is the ebb of energy withdrawing from what’s ‘out there’ and coming back to what’s ‘in here’.


There was no better lesson in learning to withdraw from ‘out there’ and turn to what’s ‘in here’ than pregnancy. I’ve never experienced a deeper connection to the changes within myself than this journey into motherhood. So this mantra of FLOW served me well. Even if the tide did change along the way.

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

This mantra also shifted with the news of my pregnancy. It was a mantra to tie all things together. A mantra so that I could serve myself and others with tenderness, kindness, compassion and truthfulness. The moments I shared with students in community yoga practice were exactly this. I felt a deep motherly love for everyone I shared a practice with. I wanted to carry them through the space in softness and acceptance. So it felt very natural to shift this focus from my teaching to the growing of life inside me.

I have found GRACE to be a forever mantra. I will continue to manifest from this deep place of nurturing that I have learned to embrace in 2018.

Looking ahead to 2019…

With the New Year almost upon us, I will revisit my practice to meditate, journal and intuitively select my mantra for the life events that are yet to unfold in 2019.

Please join me, in your own time and place in the new year, to sit with gratitude for the beauty that is your life in this moment and for the abundance that awaits us in the year ahead.


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