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ALIGN, FLOW, GRACE: Words for Manifesting in 2018

Early in 2017, the beautiful and creatively talented Jo Klima made these personalised art prints for my “Words of the Year”. I wanted to I G N I T E my passions, have C O U R A G E to follow my dreams and build C O M M U N I T Y around me. It was to be a year of building from the ground up again as we moved to Brisbane and started a new life.

And in keeping with this new practice of putting out three words for manifesting, I sat down and listened to my heart. I wanted to find those words that poured from me intuitively. The energy of the full moon in Cancer right now helped me to quickly connect to that inner voice, that truth, that highest self.

If you don’t already have a new year practice, or if you’re looking to add something to your existing new year journal entry, I encourage this. Much like when you create a vision board from your heart, there is power in coming back to the words from your heart. We can use them in visualisation meditations or as a mantra.

So what are my words for 2018?



Feeling deeply connected with my highest self, I could feel and see where I stray from my truth and where I still need to develop and grow.

The word ‘A L I G N‘ came to me, as I visualised stepping into my best self, my best year and my best life. As if everything came together. When we align with our truth, we align with all truth.

And with that truth, I could see my yoga practice and the word ‘F L O W‘ is my mantra to develop this further. I’m continuing with yoga teacher training, taking on further training and exploring areas that will allow me to help others. Beyond yoga, the FLOW mantra sees me through some ongoing projects, to reach a state of flux and let the productivity and creativity pour. And with every flow, there is the ebb of energy withdrawing from what’s ‘out there’ and coming back to what’s ‘in here’. So this mantra helps to remember to take time, pause, and find calm in mind and body.

Bringing all of this together with ‘G R A C E‘, to serve my self and others with compassion, tenderness, kindness and truth pouring from my heart. A reminder to nurture the self by being softer where I am usually too hard. Allowing this grace to fill all areas of life and flow into all my projects, my work, my undertakings.


What You Need: Somewhere quiet, your journal, a pen and just a few moments.

  • Begin by finding a comfortable seat, on a chair, on a cushion or on the floor.
  • Place your right thumb in your left palm, and rest the back of your left hand in your right palm. Wrap your left fingers around your right thumb, and hold your left hand with your right. This creates a feeling of security so that your heart can safely express itself. (Or just place your hands over your heart).
  • Bring your hands to your heart centre and close down the eyes.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly as you come to settle and focus your attention on your heart centre.
  • Bring your awareness to any physical sensations or emotions that arise. Let them fall away.
  • Listen deeply to your intuition as you ask repeat “What does my heart truly desire?”.
  • You might connect with this through words, thoughts or visuals. Let it flow.
  • Write down everything that comes up for you. You might find some of them are linked or there is a theme.
  • Look at your notes and find your focus points. What stands out for you?
  • Highlight 3 words that connect deeply with your heart.

And that’s it. These three words are your manifestation mantras for 2018.


I’ve created something special just for you. Connecting deeply with my intuition, I created something from the heart. I want to help you honour your highest self this year. And it truly fills my heart to share this with you. These are not just words on paper. These are powerful mantras. Mantras that help encourage our self-care, self-compassion and self-love practice. Click below to download your FREE Printable Mantra Cards.FREE PRINTABLE MANTRAS


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