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The Calm After The Storm: Walking in D’Aguilar National Park

Morelia Walking Path

After ex-tropical cyclone made her way down to south-east Queensland and brought the torrential rain, damaging winds and devastating flooding, we decided to go for a walk. It was the weekend and D’Aguilar National Park is right on our doorstep. Why not get out, be active and be in nature?

I’ll admit that I didn’t even think of how the stormy weather would close half the walking tracks. Our first choices for adventure were shut down due to fallen trees and debris. But arriving at Manorina car park, we found the Morelia track was open. A comfortable, easy level walking track covering 6kms of wet eucalypt forest.

Because of the recent weather, we noticed hundreds of different types of mushrooms along the track as well as across the forest floor. Although they’re probably not appealing to most people, I find them so fascinating. But the most rewarding part of this 6km return walk is the view at the ‘end’ of the path before you turn back.

Looking east over Samford Valley towards Moreton Bay is breathtaking. There’s a perfect rocky edge to sit on and admire the distant sand dunes of Moreton Island.

Samford Valley View

Nothing compares to the feeling of being out in nature. When you’re in nature, you’re out of your own headspace. Your mind is free from worry and free from distraction. You cannot procrastinate here. Here you can surrender to the sense of wonder around you.


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