Thanks for visiting the Kylie Jane Frost blog! I can tell you’re someone who loves to live in the flow of life. You’re an adventurer who doesn’t let the natural beauty of the world go unnoticed. A seeker of balance in the mind and the body. A radiant being in this modern world who lives and gives for others. You’re absolutely perfect exactly as you are and I’m so grateful to have you land on this page.

I’ve been gathering stories from my adventures and experiences and added some yoga-life inspired insights. I’ve gathered these to share with you. From adventures to yoga teacher training, connecting with the great outdoors and connecting with our communities. There are so many wonderful ways to invite wellness into our lives. I hope my stories help inspire that.

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About Kylie Jane Frost

I grew up in Australia and in 2008 I decided to pack everything up and moved to London, UK on a one-way ticket. I had no idea that I wouldn’t be coming back to Brisbane for 9 years.

While living in London I discovered a love for connecting with the wellness community. Working hard in the corporate world and finding balance in Bikram yoga studios and in half marathons. I’ve been writing about all things health and fitness for the last 8 years. I’ve absolutely loved sharing, inspiring and connecting with others in the same shoes. Blogging was just taking off and I loved the community that we built around our passion for wellbeing.

And I’m still deeply passionate about wellness and sharing my experiences and insights with others.

So, now I’m back to living in sunny Brisbane, Queensland and in 2017 I started my yoga teacher training journey. I want to share the experience of balance, wellness and vitality with others in my community. It’s my desire to work towards making that experience accessible to more people and to remind others of the importance to take time for self-care.

 So thank you, again, for landing here. Thank you for allowing me to share what I am most passionate about and to reach out in our community.


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