A Collection of Adventures in the English Countryside

Something that occurred to me during my London life was that I have seen more of England than some of my English friends. I’ve visited more places in England than in Europe. Also, I’ve spent most of my weekend escapes on walking adventures around the English countryside. While I am no expert on the subject, I still have a lot to share.

In this post, I wanted to share a few special moments and places from my adventures. Featuring Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, the Peak District and Cornwall.

Adventures in Matlock BathMatlock Bath

Have you ever been to a place that feels so far away that you could be anywhere in the world? That’s how I feel when I visit Matlock Bath in the Peak District of England.

When I first met Dave (pictured), I was whisked away for a weekend with friends. We stayed with our friend’s family in Matlock and went on so many walks. This became something we would do regularly. It was wild.

Everywhere we walked, as far as our eyes could reveal, just natural earth. Wild garlic would lick our walking boots and beautiful wildflowers blossomed in every unexpected place.

Walking adventures on Ashridge EstateAshridge Estate, Hertfordshire

Late in the winter of 2016, I made plans for a weekend escape from London. Booking a delightful bed and breakfast room at The Greyhound Inn I was armed with a map and a sense of adventure. It was a short walk from our accommodation to the Ashridge Estate where many walking tracks start from.

Highly recommended for my London friends who want a quick getaway.

Adventures in Norfolk with friends Norfolk

The month following our adventure in Hertfordshire we took to the woods again, this time in a large 7 bedroom house thanks to AirBnB. A group of us (pictured) decided to escape for a weekend in the style of Alice in Wonderland.

Having lived in Norfolk before, I knew the fresh country air and being surrounded by farms and woodland was going to make for a very relaxing weekend. There’s just ‘something’ about that country air that makes you feel so chilled.

Although it was FREEZING, we had a gorgeous cosy bonfire for when we came together in the evening. A perfect setting to enjoy the great company of friends. That’s what this weekend was about for me. And although we didn’t venture too far from the woodlands of the AirBnB property on this occasion, I know that there are so many adventurous things to do in Norfolk!

Active living in Norfolk to me looks like kayaking on the broads and running with the ParkRun group or hitting up some seaside fun from Hunstanton to Happisburgh.

Adventures in CambridgeCambridgeshire

One of the things I cherished most about living in London was having friends from all over the UK (and the globe!). Visiting their hometowns and meeting their family. I learned local insider knowledge and shortcuts. This was definitely the case when visiting a little village in Cambridgeshire with our dear friend Drew.

Another ‘escape’ from London city life for a weekend in the ‘nearly spring’ had taken us to these country roads. Narrow country roads that doubled as walking tracks between stunning pastoral lands.

Walking along such paths wouldn’t be complete without finishing up at a proper English pub for a pint in the sunshine, even if we were fully clothed at the time.

It was just so refreshing to see another beautiful part of England and regain that mental clarity that is so often obscured by city life.

Have you been to Cambridge too? Let me know!


Walking Adventures in CornwallCornwall Coastal Path

Again, since meeting Dave, we would get away for weekends with friends who had family homes around the UK. This time staying in Treknow, Cornwall. I had no idea what I was in for.

Let’s get away they said. We’ll go on a nice walk they said. After several hours of walking down into valleys and climbing up steep hills, I had embraced my inner gazelle.

Although I felt more mountain goat than human by the end of this 9-mile walk from Tintagel to Port Isaac, it was worth it.

The South West Coast Path is full of amazing views, rolling green hills and sheer rocky cliffs into that gorgeous ocean.


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