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Why I’m Revisiting My 2017 Bucket List & A Must Have Resource

Bucket List Revisited

March is nearly coming to an end, people. My friends in London are singing praises to beautiful spring sunshine and I’m embracing the cooler autumnal change here in Brisbane. It really is a time for reflection with the respective equinox. As part of goal setting success, I am revisiting my Bucket List of things to achieve in 2017.

As the lovely Woman Rising Network founder, Sian, shared with me;


“Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and they underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.”

~Tony Robbins

Be Ambitious, Not Intimidating

When writing my bucket list, I wanted to avoid the extreme and exotic goals most people have on their lists. I wanted to make it flexible, approachable and ambitious but not intimidating. After all, 12 months isn’t very long.

So I wrote a list of 15 items, spanning active living, wellbeing, learning, adventure and experience. I wasn’t overly specific. Part of my approach to goal setting success was to revisit the list, review and edit if necessary. That said, I’m actually jaw-to-the-floor amazed at the power of writing this list. For most of the first three months of this year, I had actually forgotten what I had written on this list. To look back and see how much of it I am working towards really is reassuring that I am on the path to living the life of my dreams.

Ticked Off The List

Of the 15 items, I’m already well on my way to working towards completing almost half of them. Remembering that this list coincided with my 6-month goal as per my coaching session with Sian from WRN – I’m feeling pretty cosy with a sense of achievement.

  • Changed completely to a plant based diet.
  • Found and moved into a home of our own.
  • We go kayaking pretty regularly.
  • I’m practicing yoga daily.
  • I’ve booked a visit to the glaciers in New Zealand next month.
  • I’ve enrolled in yoga teacher training.

Any edits?

Perhaps it was a bit financially ambitious to think I could visit two new countries as well as Lake Eyre, but I’m not going to edit them from my list just yet.

The MUST HAVE Resource

I wouldn’t be in this mindset today if it weren’t for the help of Sian during a really critical time on my journey. With the Project Me Playbook, a one-to-one call and personalised goal setting plan, I set things in motion to living my best life. What are you waiting for?

Goal Setters are Goal Getters


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