This Underwear Changed My Life

It’s easy to get caught up in buying all the things when you’re pregnant. Cute things. New mum things. But ultimately, you’ll find that you don’t need much at all. This was made obvious when I received a generous load of unused baby stuff from friends – still in boxes or with tags.

I personally don’t like spending money on things that I don’t need. And even when I need them, I tend to seek them out from the charity shops first. (They’re a treasure trove for maternity wear, btw!). But there was ONE thing that I did buy new. And it was inexpensive and worth its value tenfold.

I’m talking about undies.

As my work uniform got tighter and I had to wear the maternity uniform. As my bras no longer fit and I had to wear my yoga crops under said maternity work uniform. I drew the line when it came to trying to find the right size undies every morning.

Even when I went to buy new underwear, how could I know that they would fit properly for the rest of the pregnancy? How could I know they would last beyond the pregnancy?

Say hello to one size fits all underwear from Best & Less.

One Size Fits All Womens Underwear

So, they’re not much to look at – but I didn’t stop talking about them or recommending them for my whole pregnancy. And, you’ll be SO grateful after the birth to have something loose and comfortable, yet supportive.

The best part is – you can wear them after your pregnancy too, because they’ll fit you in all of your beautiful body sizes.

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