At the heart of my yoga practice is the aspiration of sharing the benefits of yoga with the community. With this goal in mind, I am offering community yoga within the Moreton Bay area.

What is Community Yoga?

Community Yoga is the practice of yoga in a community centre, local park or public area outside of a yoga studio environment. Community Yoga makes the practice of yoga accessible to any level of ability and to people who might otherwise be unable to afford to practise in a studio setting.

What happens at a Community Yoga Practice?

Coming together as a community and sharing the practice is a very enjoyable experience. So we start the practice with a moment to appreciate this. We begin with some breathing exercise before doing some gentle physical yoga practice. This physical yoga practice can be modified to suit different levels of ability and includes some gentle stretching and movement into held postures. Anytime you feel the need to rest, you should listen to your own body and pause. As we finish, we will enjoy some relaxation time before closing the practice.

After the class, feel free to stay for a cup of tea and friendly conversation.

How long does the practice go for? 

The practice lasts for approximately one hour, but allow yourself some extra time if you would like to stay for tea.

How much does it cost?

Community Yoga is offered on a donation basis. Every donation goes back into the community yoga project and improves the service provided. Please feel free to donate what value you feel appropriate and affordable for you.

What do I need to bring?

To make community yoga as accessible as possible, you do not need any special equipment. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you. Otherwise, we try to provide mats where possible. In cooler weather, we recommend bringing a blanket or extra layers. And in warmer weather, please bring your water bottle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly by email. Stay up to date with community yoga events by following me on Instagram and Facebook.

Student Release Form

Prior to your first class, you will need to fill in a student release form that you can submit here. Alternatively, please arrive early before the class to sign the form and advise of any health conditions or concerns.

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